White Paper

Critical IT Skill Development: Using Pluralsight to Solve Three Use Cases

By Cushing Anderson

According to IDC, by 2022, the financial impact of the IT skills gap will grow to $775 billion worldwide by 2022. 

People are the make-or-break element of high-performing IT organizations, creating a premium on the capabilities of IT professionals. Workforces must be trained-and often re-trained-to execute on an organization’s strategic objectives. Highly proficient team members responsible for critical IT functions are 20% more productive than their less-proficient peers.

Dive into this IDC perspective for three IT skill development use cases and how the organizations used Pluralsight to solve them.

Download the report to find out:

  • Why it’s critical for strategic learning programs to address specific business and performance objectives
  • Which common problems related to skill gaps, such as a misalignment of technology skills with an organization, the rapid change of pace in IT environments and the need to attract and retain talent in tight job markets 
  • How three Pluralsight customers solved these problems through reskilling, upskilling and the creation of a learning culture to attract, engage and retain employees 
  • How effective alignment of IT skill development initiatives and L&D programs achieve greater results more quickly and position the broader business for greater success

About the author

Cushing Anderson is responsible for managing the research agenda, field research and custom research projects for IDC's IT Education and Certification research program. Mr. Anderson’s research coverage ranges from the value certification provides to IT professionals to the selection criteria used when selecting transformation training for the IT organization.

He conducts regular research on the views and experiences of IT professionals and IT education buyers. And he frequently evaluates the impact of various types of training and certification on IT organizational performance.