Innovation playbook: 5 traits of wildly successful tech companies you can adopt today

Today’s top technology companies shine with what Forbes calls an “innovation premium” – additional value they generate in the stock market solely because of their reputation for disruption.

They operate with a clearly articulated vision that drives every action and informs every decision. One that’s understood across all levels of the organization and embodied by each employee. And most of the time that vision isn’t about a simple app or social network.

These companies set out to change the world. And they succeed.

How do they do it? Tech titans know that it takes an innovative, agile work environment and culture to turn their ambitious visions into reality. They use technology to answer big questions and adapt quickly. They build teams that can outthink and outwork entire industries. And they solve problems in ways no one else has thought of, making all of our lives better in the process.

You know these names – they’re impossible to miss – and you’ll probably recognize their secrets to success aren’t so secret after all. Any company, regardless of industry, can adopt these innovative strategies and be on their way to accelerating market leadership.