Measure up: Are you ready for cloud-native?

Cloud-native transformation is happening right before our eyes. The world’s most innovative companies are outpacing their competition with smaller, more dynamic tech teams who deploy faster and produce better product experiences than their out-of-date competition. 

So, how does your IT team measure up? This comparison guide will help you discover what elements of old IT operations are pervasive in your organization, and what you can do to adopt a cloud-native mindset. 

Traditional IT  Cloud-native IT 
Goals vary from team to team and create distrust. Teams work on whatever serves their best interest.
Shared objectives help employees feel like they’re part of the same team.
Dissimilar environments
Employees can be found saying ‘It works on my machine…’
Consistent environments
Teams want to operate in setups that behave the same.
Changes are exceptions
Change forms have to be justified because deployments are risky.
Changes are assets
When changes are made, employees view them as improvements. Deployments feel boring, not scary.
One and done
Software is delivered in bulk with all hands on deck.
Baby steps
Software is delivered in small batches and it’s business as usual.
Organizations are considered a technology “shop,” and rarely branch out to other solutions.
Diverse technology is leveraged throughout the organization and it’s mostly self-service.
Scaling takes careful planning when it’s considered.
Individual components are scaled regularly.
Mistakes are hidden and punished.
Mistakes are chances to spot system improvements and process failures.
Perimeter security
Security is concentrated on firewalls. Patches are applied (and triaged) only when they’re high priority.
Ubiquitous security
Security is everywhere. Teams have an aggressive 3 R’s mindset: Repair. Repave. Rotate.
Teams focus on time between failure.
Teams focus on recovery.
Old systems create anxiety for employees (and leaders).
Systems are reliable, adatable and teachable.

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