Pluralsight Premium Podcast

Drilling down on cybersecurity

How do government agencies and private sector companies differ when it comes to cybersecurity? 

More than you might think. With government networks, mounds of data, and IoT devices, agency IT professionals have a whole lot at stake. Do you have the knowledge you need to take action at a moments notice? 

In our Pluralsight Premium Podcast in partnership with StateScoop, you’ll hear from the State of Utah’s CIO Mike Hussey, and lead pentester and security consultant for Go-Forward, Peter Mosmans. 

Tune in to learn: 

  • How government agencies and private sector organizations are collaborating on cyber threat intelligence
  • How cybersecurity intelligence is gathered and how it differs in government agencies and the private sector 
  • What cybersecurity really means and how both sectors are working to tackle the future of data safety

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