Motion capture or “mocap” is a popular VFX tool used for building movies and video games today. By helping increase post production speed while giving 3D characters realistic movement, mocap has become an industry standard for these pipelines. From Ironman to Jurassic Park, teams of talented digital artists continue to push the technology to make it better. However, underpinning this workflow are the actual performers, those incredibly flexible, athletic and dedicated performance capture artists who don the funny-looking ping-pong ball suits.

Oliver Hollis-Leick is one such artist with as prolific a background and as extensive a resume as you’ll find today. Having a career spanning over 80 video games and movie titles, Oliver has given digital life to some impressive characters, including Iron Man, Master Chief, Spiderman and James Bond. He’s a training gymnast and martial arts master, which is helpful since mo-cap is one of the most physically demanding acting gigs today.

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