management discussing how to improve workplace morale and employee happiness


5 Tips for Workplace Happiness

There’s a direct correlation between workplace happiness and employee productivity. And, sorry, but motivational posters in the break room just won’t cut it! Pluralsight author and aspiring chief happiness officer, Kylie Hunt, shares practical methods—based on compelling research and real-world experience—for improving workplace morale. In the next 20(ish) minutes, you’ll discover why you should be concerned with your team’s happiness and what impact you’re having on everyone’s attitude. All without committing to silly trust-fall exercises or uncomfortable group hugs. 

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Featured Author

Kylie Hunt

Kylie’s passion is in enabling workplaces to become happy, productive, and engaging environments where talented people come together to do what they do best. This passion arose after seeing the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of corporate office environments, and of her own eclectic experiences arising from 15+ years in the corporate property industry. A Town Planner by trade, Kylie has worked in various Director-level and Department Head roles including in Strategy, Client Relationship Management, and Workplace Strategy. Kylie is also Mum to 2 young kids, Ari and Elle, and wife to Troy. Given the opportunity, she loves spending time snowboarding, playing tennis, relaxing with a decent glass of red, and doing random acts of kindness.