coworkers exploring day-to-day programming with ASP.NET Core


ASP.NET Core: A New Vision for your Enterprise

ASP.NET Core brings significant changes to the ASP.NET development platform. Some traditional features of ASP.NET, like the Web Forms programming model, are gone. However, new features and capabilities have arrived. In this recorded webinar, Pluralsight author Scott Allen uncovers the new vision for ASP.NET, which includes the ability to run ASP.NET on Linux, and the incredible performance benchmarks the framework is achieving. Scott discusses changes in how to build and deploy ASP.NET, as well as what day-to-day programming will look like.

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Featured Author

Scott Allen

Scott has worked on everything from 8-bit embedded devices to large scale web sites during his 15+ years in commercial software development. Since 2001, Scott has focused on server-side and web technologies, like ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Workflow, Silverlight, and LINQ. Scott is also a speaker at national conferences like VSLive!, as well as code camps and user groups near his hometown of Hagerstown, MD.

Scott has been recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2005, and has written or co-authored several books on Microsoft technologies. Scott founded the site in 2004, and joined Pluralsight in 2007.