Chatbot technology: The innovative enterprise solution

The re-emergence of chatbot technology is an exciting trend in the digital ecosystem, driven by the widespread growth of mobile devices. With the demand to access important information at any time, enterprises are beginning to adopt chatbot platforms in greater numbers to:

  • Empower customer service
  • Troubleshoot faster
  • Help organizations save on customer care costs and boost e-commerce

Pluralsight author and iOS expert Matt Kruczek hosts this recorded presentation to help organizations learn what’s new with this exciting technology and get a head start on some creative ideas for the future. 

About the Presenter

Matt Kruczek is a senior software director at Tallan. Matt has extensive experience in the software industry and is responsible for creating and maintaining any and all architectures and strategies pertaining to the mobile, web and AI disciplines. He has architected and developed several end-to-end Line of Business applications using a variety of Microsoft technologies, including WCF, WPF, ASP.NET , C#, VB, MVC, SQL Server, Microsoft Bot Framework and Entity Framework.

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