Cloud Labs Workshop

Tuesday, 24 November at 10:00 GMT/11:00 CET

With Cloud environments becoming the default for many organisation, finding a safe place to develop the associated tech skills is key. Pluralsight's Cloud Labs enable learners to get hands-on practice in a provisioned cloud environment, in the vendor sandbox of their choice. 

Join Pluralsight's Anthony Campanale on Tuesday, 24th November at 10am GMT/11am CET to demonstrate how you can develop practical cloud experience with step-by-step instructions and sandboxed environments for public cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform). 

Our interactive session will give you the chance to see how to: 
- Practice in a secure, provisioned sandbox environment and avoid costly mistakes
- Prepare for certification exams with step-by-step guidance from our expert authors 
- Feel confident building a cloud infrastructure

As well as the opportunity to ask questions.