On-Demand Webinar: Protect your organization from cyber attacks

Security is everyone’s responsibility. With the threat of cyber attacks on the rise, growing concerns over data breaches and the high cost—both to your company’s reputation and bottom line—of a serious hack, you simply cannot assume everyone uses common sense all the time. 

Watch Pluralsight’s own head of information security, Trent Bond, in this eye-opening webinar where he covers best-practice tips every single member of your organization must know to stay safe, both at work and back home. 

You’ll learn:

  • How and where a breach will occur when you least expect it
  • How to stay vigilant when your guard is down
  • Where your weak points are and how to be best prepared

Discover how to avoid a costly mistake and improve common sense safety behavior at every level of your organization.

Meet our presenter

Trent Bond

Trent Bond is an experienced information security leader and architect with a passion for creatively implementing practical cyber security strategies. As the head of information security at Pluralsight, Trent oversees the program that protects the business brand and reputation. He has extensive experience in cyber security architecture, risk management, penetration testing, incident handling and has been developing ways to help organizations protect information and systems for over 16 years. When he’s not defending the universe from the dark places of the cyber world, he can be found binge watching historical documentaries.

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