Cybersecurity street smarts: One number and a pair of dice

By Trent Bond

These days, cybersecurity failures flood the news, casting feelings that run the spectrum—from fear to fascination. But, these stories do little to help executives and board members create cogent plans to prepare their teams. 

Join this cybersecurity expert and Pluralsight’s head of information security and privacy Trent Bond as he helps you focus on THE one important number everyone should be paying attention to when it comes to security. And, how to roll dice to beat the street odds of a cybersecurity incident.


About the author

Trent Bond is an experienced information security and privacy leader with a passion for building practical cybersecurity strategies. As the head of information security and privacy at Pluralsight, Trent leads the program that protects the company's brand, reputation and customer's personal data. He has extensive experience in cybersecurity architecture, risk management, penetration testing and incident response. Trent has been developing ways to help organizations protect data and systems for more than 19 years. When he’s not defending the universe from the dark places of the cyber world, he can be found honing social engineering skills and fighting for the user.

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