Webinar: How to embrace business agility and move at the pace of today's market

Thursday, November 8 at 1:00 p.m. ET

Agile software development has emerged as the path to success for today’s most successful organizations. But truly successful organizations know that to win, an agile approach can’t stop at the doors of their software development divisions.

More and more organizations have recognized that business agility—their ability to sense and respond to new market opportunities quickly—has become an important differentiator for long-term success. Join this live webinar with Pluralsight author and agile coach Jeremy Jarrell and discover: 

  • How your organization can take its first steps toward business agility
  • How to measure your progress along the way
  • What pitfalls you should be aware of on your journey

Meet our presenter

Sander Mak

Jeremy Jarrell

Jeremy Jarrell is an agile coach and author who helps teams get better at doing what they love. When not creating agile training courses for industry leading sites like Pluralsight.com, Jeremy mentors Scrum Masters and Product Owners to help them reach their full potential. He is a highly rated speaker throughout the United States as well as a syndicated author whose articles and videos have appeared on sites such as InfoQ.com, StickyMinds.com, Pluralsight.com, FrontRowAgile.com, Simple-Talk.com and ScrumAlliance.org. Jeremy resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children and is an avid runner. He loves to discuss all topics related to agile methodologies and can be reached by Twitter at @jeremyjarrell or at his website www.jeremyjarrell.com.

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