IT employees discuss optimizing their Group Policy push


Expert Tips for a Successful Group Policy Delivery

Group Policy plays a key role in many organizations around security, user lockdown and configuration management. Yet it is often “push and pray” when it comes to deploying GPO settings. In this on demand webinar, 12-time Microsoft Group Policy MVP and Pluralsight author Darren Mar-Elia provides three tips you can use to ensure Group Policy is being delivered as expected, and gives you confidence that Group Policy is doing what it’s supposed to.

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Featured Author

Darren Mar-Elia

Darren is CTO & Founder of SDM Software and has 30 years experience in IT and software, including CTO of Windows Management products at Quest Software, Technical Director for distributed infrastructure and Charles Schwab and Sr. Director of Product Engineering at DesktopStandard. He is an 11-time Microsoft Group Policy MVP and has been a contributing editor at Windows IT Pro Magazine since 1997.