Webinar: GDPR: From program to business as usual

By John Elliott

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is here. Now what?

The GDPR became law on May 25, and the next six months will prove the success of your GDPR program investments. Join governance expert, Pluralsight author and industry Data Protection Officer John Elliott in this webinar event to find out what’s ahead. 

John will discuss:

  • Why business as usual processes are the true measure of GDPR compliance
  • Practical “data protection by design and default” tactics   
  • Helpful strategies and steps that will provide assurance to your organization

You’ve survived the GDPR transition. But the real test is yet to come. Don’t miss this webinar—register to view.

About the author

John Elliott is a respected cyber security, payments, risk and privacy specialist. He helps organizations balance risk and regulation with business needs. He was a member of the technical working groups of the PCI Security Standards Council and actively contributed to the development of many PCI standards including PCI DSS. John is particularly interested in how organizations or regulators assess trust in the cyber security and privacy posture between relying parties. A passionate and innovative communicator, he frequently presents at conferences, online and in boardrooms



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