On-demand webinar: Building great Scrum Masters

Demand for qualified Scrum Masters has reached an all-time high. According to LinkedIn’s Data, the role of Scrum Master made the list for “Top 10 most-promising jobs of the year,” with year-over-year growth of 104%!

But despite all of the attention this role receives, what a Scrum Master actually does often remains a mystery. In this on-demand webinar, Pluralsight Author and Agile Coach Jeremy Jarrell shares:

  • Where to find the best Scrum Master candidates
  • Daily expectations and demands encountered in this role
  • How a truly skilled Scrum Master can improve productivity for your entire team

Discover where to locate – and how to keep – the best talent for this in-demand role. Or, learn which steps you (as an interested candidate) can take to begin your journey in this field.

Meet our presenter

Jeremy Jarrell

Jeremy Jarrell is an agile coach and author who helps teams get better at doing what they love. He is heavily involved in the technology community, both as a highly rated speaker throughout the United States and as a syndicated author whose articles and videos have appeared on sites such as InfoQ.com, StickyMinds.com, Simple-Talk.com, and ScrumAlliance.org. Jeremy resides in Pittsburgh with his wife and two children and is an avid runner. He loves to discuss all topics related to agile methodologies and can be reached by Twitter at @jeremyjarrell or at his website, www.jeremyjarrell.com.

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