Machine Learning (ML) in a production environment: Tips and Tricks

Machine learning (ML) and deep learning are more popular than ever and are going to be a permanent part of the future of technology. However, an increasing number of organisations are running up against new challenges in ML logic when an application is deployed to production. For example, one challenge is the risk of overfitting, which occurs when a model learns the training data too well, and is not able to generalise the data. But, overfitting is only one important risk that will be covered in this event.  

Join Simmi Dhamija from Tech Mahindra as she kicks off this webinar and shares insights into her organisation's digital transformation. Then, Janavi Ravi will address ML challenges head on and dive into: 

  • Machine learning concepts
  • Challenges to be aware of when working with deep learning models
  • Overfitting and how to mitigate risk