Through the unknown: How to embrace constant change while keeping your team focused

In the midst of a crisis, clarity and focus are often in short supply. When there are so many unknowns, how can engineering leaders cut through the fog of what-ifs and noise of competing goals? How can leaders get their teams organized around what’s most important and embrace constant change?

Join Pluralsight author Jeremy Morgan as he hosts a discussion with world-class engineering leaders to dissect their strategies and tactics on navigating their teams through uncertainty with laser-like focus, including how to:

  • Cut down your to-do list to what’s important
  • Refocus meetings to suit your teams new normal
  • Transform your approach to communication and reporting
  • Embrace change to find new opportunities 

You won’t want to miss this conversation with Edwige Robinson (Vice President of Mobile Engineering Services at Comcast NBC Universal), Patrick Kua (Founder of Tech Lead Academy and former CTO and Chief Scientist at N26) David Adsit (CTO at Emmersion).

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