Addressing Tech Skill Gaps with Pluralsight Platform

By Sugam Agarwal & Raj Kashyap

Successful technology skill development separates industry leaders from laggards. To help our strategic customer, we have introduced new features, capabilities, etc in our platform.

In this webinar, Customer Success Manager Sugam Agarwal along with our Commercial Specialist Raj Kashyap will shows you how you could use the platform to align your Technology learning Goals to address skill gaps and be ready for your new Role!  Register now and discover new ways to achieve:

  • Confidence that you have the right skills in the right roles to meet strategic objectives

  • Clarity around the skills needed to drive innovation

  •  Increase the efficiency of skill development with content that provides answers in the moment of need

  • Faster time to onboarding and product release

About the author

Sugam Agarwal is a Customer Success Manager at Pluralsight, located in India. Being an engineering graduate, he has experience in technical roles, and is focused towards maximising learning for the customers through Pluralsight & helping them in any way he can. Apart from his professional life, Sugam connects well with culinary arts & music.

Raj Kashyap is a Commercial Specialist at Pluralsight and has over 10 years of experience working in the Tech Industry. An MBA from CQU, Sydney, he has worked with ASX listed businesses providing solutions to a number of customers across the APAC. Besides being a passionate advocate for his customers, he loves a good laugh and anything on the sporting field.

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