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New E-learning Measurements:
The Challenges and Opportunities Facing your Team

To stay innovative and achieve business goals, companies know engaging their employees in learning and development is crucial.

The question "how can we make business better through learning?" is a very easy question to ask and a much more challenging one to answer. In this webinar Larry Israelite, explores the steps an organization needs to take to achieve this lofty goal of maximizing and measuring learning effectiveness. 

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Featured Presenter

Larry Israelite

Larry Israelite has spent more than 30 years trying to answer one simple question: How can we improve business results through learning? 

Currently, Larry is a learning evangelist at Pluralsight, the leading provider of online learning for technology and creative professionals. He holds a bachelor’s degree in theater from Washington College, as well as a master’s degree in instructional media and a doctorate in educational technology from Arizona State University.