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NextGen security: Thinking further upstream with
Dr. Jared DeMott

Among the very interesting security topics of 2016, two stand out. First, the introduction of DevOps in the development realm, and second, endpoint security in the corporate world. Pluralsight author and security expert Dr. Jared DeMott covers these topics in this previously recorded webinar, and shares his thoughts on how you can make a direct impact on your team. He also covers:

  • DevOps vs. waterfall software development methodology
  • How next-generation endpoint security tools differ from prior-gen anti-virus protections
  • Where (and how) software security should take place

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Featured Author

Dr. DeMott

Dr. DeMott is developing Vision (an EDR product), as the CTO of Binary Defense Systems. Jared is also the founder and regular trainer for You'll find fingerprints of his work all across the security industry. From fuzzing, code auditing, and exploitation, to malware and developer security courses on Pluralsight. When he's not bypassing EMET or CFG, he's spending time with his family..

Jared DeMott