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New Pluralsight features deep dive: Paths, adaptive skill measurement & live mentoring

We’re opening the kimono and showcasing powerful new features coming to your team’s Pluralsight learning experience. This exclusive admin and team manager session will cover new tools for accelerating tech learning and achieving your technology goals with confidence.

Join our product team for a demonstration of Pluralsight’s new expert-created learning paths for skills and certifications, adaptive skill tests to measure and track skill level and on-demand mentoring to accelerate learning.

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Director of Product Marketing

Grant Boudon

Grant Boudon is a director of product marketing at Pluralsight. Grant interfaces with product managers and customers for nearly every experience within Pluralsight and helps communicate, educate and train the Pluralsight community. As part of the product team, Grant cares deeply about giving Pluralsight members the skills, insights and resources to tackle and utilize technology to its fullest.