Build better teams with new platform experiences

Thursday, Sept. 27th at 1:00 p.m. ET

In today's world, successful skill development is the difference between industry leaders and laggards. And the key to accelerating this skill development is a platform dedicated to deep, personalized learning.

At Pluralsight LIVE, we unveiled new experiences designed to bring clarity to technology roles and help teams easily develop and apply their knowledge. In this live webinar, Director of Product Marketing Tom McConnon shows you how to get the most out of the latest product launches and drive business outcomes through skills.

Register now and discover how to:

  • Use Role IQ to quantify proficiency in a specific role based on strengths and skill gaps
  • Access interactive courses to learn, practice and get feedback in real time
  • Help developers apply skills in real-world scenarios with projects

Meet our presenter

Sander Mak

Tom McConnon

Director of Product Marketing

Tom has spent the better part of a decade leading marketing efforts for B2B SaaS unicorns. His love of learning and technology led him to his current role as a director of product marketing at Pluralsight. Tom is particularly passionate about the intersection of product marketing, content and data.

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