Smart Information Security Spending

The average cost of a security breach last year topped $15.4 million.* Take a look at that figure and compare it to what your organization is currently investing in Information Security training, learning and protection. The good news? There are very practical, strategic steps you can take as a leader to mitigate the risks to your entire team, your consumers and your future. In this recorded webinar, ethical hacking professional and Microsoft Certified Trainer Dale Meredith shows you:

  • Where and when to plan for the worst—before it’s too late
  • Real-world examples that prove you need to invest in IT security
  • The key areas your team should focus on learning immediately

Watch now and build a solid plan as the strategic IT leader your organization needs now—and for the future!

Cisco 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report

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About the author

Dale Meredith

Like the Dark Knight, Dale Meredith swoops in and saves the day when no one else can. Dale's expertise is in explaining difficult concepts and ensuring his students have an actionable knowledge on the course material. Straddling the line of fun and function, Dale's instruction is memorable and entertaining. Along with his 17 years of experience as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Dale also has an additional 7 years of Senior IT Management experience. Dale's priority to maintain personal knowledge and understanding of current trends in training, technology, and applications has led to many opportunities such as: training various divisions at the Department of Homeland Security during their Novell to Microsoft transition and implementing and managing networks using Microsoft's Server Platform, Exchange, SharePoint, SCCM and others for many Fortune 500 companies.