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Spring Product Vision Update with Nate Walkingshaw

Behind The Scenes with our CPO

Your company’s learning experience is unique. And, Pluralsight’s platform is evolving to provide an even more adaptive, well-rounded experience for your staff. With the vision of our Chief Product Officer, Nate Walkingshaw, our platform continues to explore new ways to shape the way you measure your team’s skills, boost productivity and guide your business to the next level. 

In this on-demand webinar, Nate gives you a personal look at the philosophy behind his vision and the driving force behind his desire to build the best user experience. You’ll also get a preview of some of our new features and tools. 

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Featured Speaker

Nate Walkingshaw

Obsessed with how products are built and the teamwork it takes to build them. Nate has had the opportunity to invent or work on some of the best products with the greatest people that consumers love.