Navigating the landscape of today’s cloud world

By Sandra Medina

Cloud is becoming the core of more and more organisational strategies globally. There are some key benefits that come with cloud, but organisations also need to plan their migration journey.

However, it can certainly be overwhelming navigating through the various cloud offerings available to us today.

In this webinar, cloud expert and application architect Sandra Medina, will discuss:

·  The benefits of cloud migration

·  Cloud categories of offerings and infrastructure

·  Key providers and their offerings

·  Upskilling your cloud development engineers

About the author

Sandra Medina is an application architect and author at Pluralsight. Her experience in cloud computing started at Microsoft, where she was a software engineer in Azure. There, she contributed to an internal service that currently runs across the Azure fleet of servers, and which helps engineers debug their service crashes and improve performance. Since then, she has also used AWS services and a variety of 3rd party tools to create robust, elegant, and scalable solutions for her clients.

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