Upskilling Your IT Workforce to Succeed in Digital Transformation

Ask any seasoned public sector leader about digital transformation and innovation, and they will likely tell you the No.1 factor for success is people, not technology.

As state and local governments face massive budget reductions due to the COVID-associated recession, they must ensure their employees can get as much value as possible out of the tools available to them and are prepared to leverage the technologies that will be a crucial part of the digital transformation to come. The latter will be critically important as, even before the COVID-19 pandemic created an urgent need for digital transformation, state and local governments faced an IT skills gap. 

Listen now to this 30-minute conversation with Saad Bashir, CIO for City of Seattle and Tony Holmes, Lead Solutions Architect for Pluralsight Public sector as they discuss how you can upskill and reskill your IT workforce to survive the challenges of today and continue to deliver seamless constituent services.


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