Building rich web applications with C# using Blazor

Frameworks such as Angular and TypeScript have made it easier to create rich, interactive applications for the web. But the learning curve for some developers can be a bit steep. Moving to client-side development with JavaScript after years of C# development can be hard. 

With Blazor, Microsoft is introducing a framework that allows you to build the same rich experiences in-browser while being fully based in C# and HTML, using a syntax that’s very similar to ASP.NET development. Blazor is based on the foundations of WebAssembly, which is supported in every modern browser without the need for a plugin. Your Blazor app will work fine on mobile devices, even as a Progressive Web App (PWA). And where needed, you can still rely on already-created JavaScript components, since Blazor allows interop with JavaScript. 

Join us and learn:

  • What Blazor is and what it can be used for

  • How you can leverage your C# knowledge to build rich interactive experiences for the web using Visual Studio

  • How to create your first components

  • How you can interact with built-in JavaScript APIs

  • How to deploy your app to Azure