Four steps to building a data-driven culture with Ann Jackson

By Ann Jackson

Today more and more organizations are making the push to incorporate data into every level of decision making. With this effort comes the harsh truth that most are still struggling to achieve the benefits of this transformation. Enter the 12 principles that data-driven organizations can employ to create a thriving data culture.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

• Guiding principles of data-driven organizations

• Foundational elements of an analytics center of excellence

• How to get started on your analytics journey

Meet our presenter

About the author

Ann Jackson is an experienced and passionate individual with a rich and extensive background in data visualization, exploratory data analysis, data communication and business process improvement.  She is an expert at taking multiple data sources, finding meaningful connections between them and communicating out the insight and potential they house.  She places a strong emphasis on connecting analytical discoveries with quantifiable business improvements and overall business strategy.  She is the Founder and Chief Analytics Evangelist at Jackson Two, a consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations achieve excellence through the use of modern analytics.  

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