Webinar: Define and measure skills and roles with the technology skills platform

By Tom McConnon

Successful technology skill development separates industry leaders from laggards.

That’s why we’ve updated (and introduced new features to) our technology skills platform—so rather than pumping the breaks to navigate the twists, turns and roadblocks of digital transformation, you can keep your foot on the gas in the direction of innovation. 

In this webinar, Director of Product Marketing Tom McConnon shows you how to get the most out of the latest Pluralsight launches and drive business outcomes through technology skill development.

Register now and discover new ways to achieve:

  • Confidence that you have the right skills in the right roles to meet strategic objectives

  • Clarity around the skills needed to drive innovation

  • Faster time to onboarding and product release

About the author

Tom McConnon is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has spent the better part of a decade leading marketing efforts for B2B SaaS unicorns. His love of learning and technology led him to his current role as a director of product marketing at Pluralsight. Tom is particularly passionate about the intersection of product marketing, content and data