What’s new with Pluralsight: The fastest path to building tech skills

By Tom McConnon

For the first time, CIOs and CTOs are accountable for not just cost savings and efficiencies, but also for product delivery, profitability and revenue-generating innovations. And with this new slew of responsibilities, leaders need to rethink how they organize and empower their teams. 

At Pluralsight LIVE, we announced evolutions in our product ecosystem designed to help address these challenges: Skills and Flow. In this webinar, Director of Product Marketing Tom McConnon shows you how to get the most out of Pluralsight and dives into the future of technology skill development. Join us to learn about:

    • Our latest product enhancements and how you can best leverage them to upskill your team

    • New skill resources available including courses, Skill IQs and Role IQs in partnership with Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS

    • Flow, our new engineering analytics product

    • And more!

Meet our presenter

About the author

Tom McConnon is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has spent the better part of a decade leading marketing efforts for B2B SaaS unicorns. His love of learning and technology led him to his current role as a director of product marketing at Pluralsight. Tom is particularly passionate about the intersection of product marketing, content and data


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