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We’re looking for experts who have a deep knowledge of information security in an enterprise environment, and who can produce dynamic, engaging courses for business learners worldwide. We want teachers who have strong, practitioner-level knowledge in pen testing, security-by-design, digital forensics, network security, auditing, and InfoSec management.  

Our author community includes some of the most authoritative, engaging experts out there. They use storytelling, enthusiasm, and true passion to clearly explain key concepts, demonstrate crucial technologies, and reveal real-world tips and techniques. At Pluralsight, you’ll be joining other InfoSec thought leaders who are setting the bar for what quality online training should be.


We're looking for authors to cover:
  • Information security auditing
  • Digital forensics for an enterprise environment
  • Ethical hacking and pen testing
  • Major InfoSec certification tracks
  • Hypervisor exploits
  • Kernel exploits
  • Web client vulnerabilities
  • Networking mistakes
  • Security by design software development
  • Cryptography for developers

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Dr. Jared Demott

 "I choose to partner with Pluralsight because security is desperately needed all across the enterprise. Pluralsight allows me to scale my in-person content to a worldwide audience.”

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