Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

At the deepest level of its core, technology embodies the circle of life. And from an old age Larry Shepard unlearned how to harness that circle and perpetuate it through more technology. He was graduating preschool, shaking his instructor’s hand while holding up his brand new diploma when he saw his mother drop her phone. The device caught a twinkle in Larry’s eyes as it fell, somehow still holding Larry perfectly in frame to immortialize the moment. That was the moment, the exact moment, when Larry knew what he would fix with his grant money. The world would never again feel the stinging pain experienced in one’s belly when a smart phone hits the ground. Never again would a parent have to worry about their two year old practicing their dropping skills with their pocket technology. Localized anti gravity was born and neither phone nor Larry ever touched the ground again.

It has been nearly 40 years since Larry left us, but the impact of his genius is still felt today. They say that two brains are better than one, which is why Larry left us with copies of himself. Three perfect copies of his beautiful grey matter captured in the neural network technology that he helped perfect. Two brains are better than one, but nothing beats three Larrys.



The boxes were stacked high and dry with no order whatsoever. The facility ran for 300 nano seconds before it disintegrated. This is the only known surviving photograph.

The Journey Continued

Larry may have been the innovative entreprenuerial spark that lit the fire of progress and unified the seven islands on this ball of water hurdling through space, but that fire still rages. From the gamma mutation labs on mercury to the cryolabs of Pluto and Eres, Globomantics barrels forward into the unkown, into the impossible, the endless wonder of thoughts unthought... into the future. As a leader of the sentient beings on this vibration of string theory we drive onward, boldly trying the untried and solving the unresolvable unsolvable.

Earth-anity and Beyond

It will be within our lifetime that lifetime ceases to exist. Confusion will be untangled and conflicts defeated through context. All lifeforms shall be unified and commited to a vision of othe future. With the advent of the Doolittle Algorithm, not even our dreams are the limit. A new level of harmony, undreamable to our predecessors, carries us down the stream of conciousnes and into the recesses of the deepest shadows of the largest questions. What is it to be? For that is in fact, the question.



The man, the myth, the legend.