Building on existing research and working closely with the defense department and other defense industry partners, we are a proud to announce a new breakthrough that represents a massive leap forward in artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.

This elegant combination technologies will revolutionize the human condition, changing everything from the way we protect our countries and police our people to how you clean your home. No longer do the countries of the world have to settle disputes with needless expenditure of human life. Now wars can be fought and won by value of your Globomantics Mark 1 upgrade selections. More than any other time in history, wars will be won by the willingness to spend rather than the strength of will of the individual.

“We look forward to fulfilling your human replacement needs.”

But the applications don’t end there. Tired of being on the hook for being yourself 24/7 365? Enter U bot v1. It’s U but better! Using a proprietary DNA and behavior analysis technology, you can now customize our U class humanoid robotic platform to be an exact physical and behavioral replica of yourself! No more washing dishes, video chatting with your i-laws, or watching your children, replace yourself with U!

No matter the applications, all Globomantics Mark 1 and U line robots are hard coded to protect human life at all cost, even if the threat is humans themselves. You should never feel safer than when integrating our robtics platforms into all aspects of your life and community.

We look forward to fulfilling your human replacement needs.