Tech skills day 2021
Tech skills day 2021

What better way to bring your team together than by celebrating them and technologists everywhere! Join in on the Tech Skills Day celebration while inspiring them to build their skills and unlocking their next level of potential.

To help get the ball rolling for you, we've created a watch party activation kit you can download for all the assets you'll need to make it an amazing celebration.

Level 1

STEP 1 Invite your team members to join

  • Download our sample "Save the date" email to send to your team.
  • Use our suggested messages to share Tech Skills Day on internal company channels like Slack
Level 1

STEP 2 Get people excited

  • Share the event on social media and encourage other learners to do so as well. Let's get everyone hyped!
  • Set goals for your team around the event, like getting their Skill IQ or practicing their skills with our new hands-on labs and sandboxes*
  • Encourage participation in the coding challenges prior to Tech Skills Day. Get your team competing against other developers around the globe.
  • Make sure to tune in to the Tech Skills Day broadcast to get inspired by our awesome speaker lineup.

    *Hands-on labs and sandboxes are available on an enterprise plan or as an add-on.
Level 1

STEP 3 Make it a party

  • Create your own unique watch party for teams to come together.
  • Order lunch or provide lunch delivery for your in-office or remote teams during the event.
  • Play Tech Skills Day bingo, give away prizes and motivate learners to earn their Tech Skills Day badge.
Level 1

STEP 4 Celebrate and follow up

  • Celebrate those who participate with personal shout outs.
  • Follow up on the importance of skills and why continuous learning is important.
  • Share the Tech Skills Day recordings from this page or from the conferences section in-app with those that couldn't attend.


Connect with your Pluralsight rep and we'll get you set up with the perfect Tech Skills Day experience for you and your team.