Take the Skill Up Challenge

Make it an amazing day

Get your team excited about building new tech skills with our Skill Up Challenge—a chance for everyone to identify their knowledge gaps and strengths and take their skills to the next level.


How it works

1. Encourage your team to take skill assessments
  • Identify 2-3 assessments that align to business goals

  • Encourage your team to take the assessments you’ve identified  

  • Keep your team learning over 30 days and encourage other challenges such as following favorite authors, watching the recorded Tech Skills Day virtual event, or taking interactive courses

  • Retake assessments after 30+ days to see how skills have improved

2. Make it fun!

Set aside a Skills Day for everyone to assess their skills and combine it with a free lunch, treats or whatever else makes it more special for your team. You could also host a watch party of our virtual Tech Skills Day 2020 event so everyone can get valuable insights from expert technologists.

3. Celebrate

Shoutout top learners, celebrate team successes and keep the excitement (and skill-building momentum) going! You could even consider giving out prizes to the most engaged learners throughout the challenge.

Get started by choosing a few assessments for your team to focus on that align to your business goals.