Shelley Benhoff

Shelley Benhoff

Shelley has 20+ years of experience in IT as an Entrepreneur, Manager, Trainer, Docker Community Leader, and Sitecore MVP. She has a passion for tiaras, technology, gaming, and general nerdery. She loves to learn new things as well as mentor and teach others. She teaches leadership, communication, Docker, and Sitecore development. Shelley aims to provide her students with an immersive learning experience, not just a bunch of lectures and handouts. She has studied learning and instructional design so that she can combine her skills in development and training effectively. Many of her courses include entertaining animated scenarios using real experiences from her career to walk students through common workplace events to help visualize learning objectives. Shelley is currently a Co-Owner of HoffsTech, LLC, an organization that she started with her family to provide training and digital media production.

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