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AngularJS for .NET Developers

by Joe Eames and Jim Cooper

Learn the ins and outs of using Angular with current and legacy ASP.NET technologies.

What you'll learn

This course will teach you all the ins and outs of using Angular with ASP.NET. You will learn how to use Angular with current technologies like MVC and the Web API, and legacy technologies like Webforms and Web Services. You will learn how to shift your way of thinking to go from just using a little bit of JavaScript here and there, to take advantage of all that Angular has to offer the .NET developer. Whether that means just putting a little bit of angular on a page or two in your site, or building an entire Single Page Application. Topics include how to organize and maintain your code, how to integrate Angular into ASP.NET pages, how to communicate with both current gen and legacy technology servers, how to work with real time services using SignalR, and how to prep and deliver your code to the client efficiently. By the end of this course you will feel comfortable adding either a little or a lot of Angular to your ASP.NET project.

Table of contents

About the authors

Joe began his love of programming on an Apple III in BASIC. Although his preferred language is JavaScript, he has worked professionally with just about every major Microsoft language. He is currently a consultant and full time author for Pluralsight. Joe has always had a strong interest in education, and has worked both full and part time as a technical teacher for over ten years. He is a frequent blogger and speaker, organizer of ng-conf, the AngularJS conference (, and a paneli... more

Jim Cooper is a software developer at Pluralsight, with more than 20 years of software development experience. He has a passion for Agile processes, especially lean software development. Jim has been developing production Angular apps since before Angular version 1.0, including Pluralsight's first Html5-based video player. Jim has over 10 years of TDD and pair programming experience which has contributed significantly to his professional development. He has successfully mentored other developers... more

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