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Skype Web SDK: Getting Started

by Matthew Proctor

This course will show developers how to utilize the Skype Web SDK to add Presence, Contacts, and Instant Messaging functionality to a web site or application using just a few lines of JavaScript and jQuery code.

What you'll learn

The Skype Web SDK is a complete JavaScript library for Skype that enables developers to embed Skype and Lync functionality into web sites and applications without the need for complex infrastructure. This course shows developers how to get started with the SDK by introducing tasks such as retrieving contacts, presence, and sending and receiving instant messages.

About the author

Matthew is a telecommunications industry executive and software developer, but his real passion is building tools to enable people to communicate simply and effectively. He writes software for Microsoft Skype for Business (formerly Lync) as well as Big Data tools for the telecommunications industry. He speaks at local User Groups and events around Skype development, and is active on a number of industry advisory groups and organizations. Matthew spends his spare time climbing mountains for chari... more

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