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17 April, 2018 | MANILA, PHILIPPINES

Don't follow the pace. Set it.

Please join Pluralsight for an interactive executive briefing session in Manila on 17 April. As a top customer, hear from one of Pluralsight's leading global authors - Stephen Haunts. Stephen is based in the UK, so we'll be joining this meeting virtually over high definition video conferencing. This will be a great opportunity to learn from Pluralsight, our expert Author and our customers about how we support organisations in closing the technology skills gap.

Stephen is an experienced Software Developer and leader who has worked across multiple business domains including gaming, finance, healthcare, retail and distribution. His most recent Pluralsight courses are specifically in Block Chain fundamentals, .NET, Agile and many facets of software development. Stephen's presentation will be an insight into the technology skills your business will need in order to support your business growth strategies and the role Pluralsight can play to help you stay ahead of the curve.

This experience is an exclusive gathering of customer. If you're able to attend, please RSVP using the form to the right. Spaces are limited, so be quick.

37th Floor, LKG Tower 6801 Ayala Avenue Makati
Manila 1227 Philippines

We look forward to seeing you!


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