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Dion Almaer

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Dion Almaer is a technologist who loves to code and build. He and his long time partner-in-crime Ben Galbraith recently brought their team to Walmart to power the mobile engineering efforts. He enjoys sharing his passion for software production across various communities, including a new property called FunctionSource.com. Dion has been writing Web applications since it took over from Gopher. He has been fortunate enough to speak around the world, has published many articles, a book, and of course covers life the universe and everything on his blog at almaer.com/blog. He has been called a human aggregator, and you can see that in full force if you follow him on Twitter @dalmaer.

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Web vs Apps: The Big Picture Closed captions Galbraith , Almaer Beginner [01:24:15] 12 Nov 2012