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Craig Shoemaker

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Craig Shoemaker is a developer, instructor, writer, podcaster, and technical evangelist of all things awesome. Craig is the host of the Polymorphic Podcast and a Pluralsight author, writes for MSDN Magazine, CoDe Magazine and Wrox Press ("Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 AJAX" and "Beginning ASP.NET Ajax") and is a Microsoft ASP.NET MVP and ASP Insider. Craig is often found speaking at user groups and industry events and in his spare time he enjoys looking for a haystack to hide his prize needle collection.
Craig Shoemaker's MVP Profile

Course Author Level Rating Duration Released
Building Windows 8 Applications with JavaScript and HTML Closed captions Craig Shoemaker Beginner [04:29:00] 13 Nov 2012
C# for Visual Basic .NET Developers Craig Shoemaker Intermediate [03:16:11] 27 Sep 2013
HTML5 Advanced Topics Closed captions Craig Shoemaker Advanced [02:45:23] 22 Aug 2011
HTML5 Fundamentals Closed captions Craig Shoemaker Beginner [03:56:15] 8 Aug 2013
HTML5 Line of Business Apps with Bootstrap, MVC4 and Web API Craig Shoemaker Intermediate [04:32:41] 13 Jun 2013
HTML5 Web Storage, IndexedDB and File System Craig Shoemaker Intermediate [05:28:50] 3 Dec 2013
Underscore.js Fundamentals Closed captions Craig Shoemaker Intermediate [02:55:12] 8 May 2013