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Javascript Generators and Iterators

by Marques Woodson

Iterators and iterables are very commonly used in JavaScript applications. This course will teach you all about iterators, built-in iterables, and how to control execution flow using generator functions.

What you'll learn

Understanding iterators, iterables, and generator functions can be difficult. In this course, JavaScript Generators and Iterators, you will learn foundational knowledge of these constructs so that you feel comfortable using them every day. First, you will understand what iterators are and a few of the available built-in iterables. Next, you will discover generator functions and the yield keyword. Finally, you will explore how to use Cancelable Async Flows to help treat your generator functions like async functions. When you are finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of iterators and generator functions needed to start using them today.

About the author

Marques has been involved with software development for years, specializing in Javascript application architecture, hybrid mobile application development, and Node.js applications. As a family man living in Chicago, he's had the chance to work with large enterprises doing legacy code optimization and refactoring, and startups building from the ground up. I'm passionate about experimenting with Javascript frameworks and libraries and figuring out what would work best for my current team/project. ... more

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