Hands-on Labs

Learn by doing, no lab coat necessary

Speed up—and strengthen—skill development with guided tasks and immediate feedback.

Learn by doing, no lab coat necessary

Hands-on practice is totally worth the hype

Wish you had a secure, real-world environment to practice those brand-new skills? Look no further than Hands-on Labs. Our labs enable learners to develop a stronger proficiency in a specific skill or technology through step-by-step instruction, practice exercises, and projects. Hands-on Labs provide the practice your people can’t get anywhere else.

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Master new skill with confidence

Enable learners to move forward confidently as they master new skills with sets of hands-on tasks curated for specific roles and goals.

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Practice in secure environments

Provide a secure, real-world environment to practice skills—no download or installation required—and mitigate risk to your org’s systems.

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Get project-ready with 3,000+ labs

Want to configure virtual machines in Azure or master security operations for CompTIA? There’s a lab for that available just in time, anytime.

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See a clear picture of the skill dev journey

Boost confidence with consistent validation and feedback plus insights into how you’re progressing and where there’s room for improvement.

Get your hands cloudy

Our cloud labs (over 2,000 and counting) start in a visual, step-by-step guided mode, but you can level up your learning with a switch to challenge mode. Apply and prove your skills without video guidance and we'll score you based on the objectives.

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Pluralsight training options

Tackle any training need

Labs provide guided instruction that mirrors the tasks your teams take on every day. Through learning by doing in real-world scenarios, you'll broaden employee development and empower your technologists to deliver on challenging tech objectives. 

Pluralsigt + TeamHealth
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We were able to quickly learn a new cloud platform, rapidly deploy a working prototype and present a solution with implementation in mind. We were able to rapidly close the knowledge gap and produce a functioning prototype.

Daniel Boring
Senior Platform Architect, TeamHealth

Browse labs by topic

cloud talent

Overcome the most complex cloud challenges, build top cloud talent from within, become cloud native, and connect cloud skill development and certifications to your strategy and objectives.

create teams


Become a creator—not just a consumer—of talent. Build outcome-oriented skill development programs that prepare teams for your mission-critical projects and build your reputation as an employer of choice.


Develop a baseline understanding of key technologies across your business, increase collaboration, and accelerate every touchpoint to technology with an all-new end-to-end tech fluency solution.


Build a table API app with Python and Azure CosmosDB? Yep. Analyze data with Amazon SageMaker? You can do that too.

cloud talent

Dive into Hands-on Labs and challenges in topics like OpenTelemetry, CouldFormation templates, and Kubernetes Engine.

cloud talent

Power up your skilling up and certification prep with guided CompTIA labs, including web attacks and network management and troubleshooting.


Plans & pricing

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Upskill with our core course library, paths, and skill assessments
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Standard includes:

  • Limited core library of 5,000 courses
  • Skill and Role assessments
  • Curated learning paths and channels


Access our entire library of core and expanded courses, exams, projects, and interactive courses
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Includes everything in Standard and more:

  • Access to full library of 7,000+ courses, including advanced content, niche topics, and recordings of past tech conferences
  • Hands-on content and coding projects
  • Certification exam prep for industry-leading certifications
  • Coding challenges