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Speed up product development

Leverage skill development and engineering analytics to build high performing teams and deliver software faster.

Engineering analytics

Use data to improve engineering effectiveness

Continuously optimize software development practices with actionable insights from your git repos.

git-prime retrospective
git-prime productive throughput
git-prime retrospective
git-prime productive throughput
Graphic visualization
leading indicators

Visualize what your teams are working on

Keep a pulse on typical work patterns so you can proactively spot roadblocks and make adjustments when unusual activity occurs, like unexpected refactoring.

Graphic visualization
team work visualization
Measure your success

Empower your engineering managers with team data


Optimize your team with real-time visibility into your software engineering process.

Pull requests

Identify hot spots in pull requests to merge faster and decrease review times.


Understand team dynamics and expand knowledge distribution to increase code quality.

git-prime retrospective
language analytics

Connect skill development with code commits

See where your engineers are spending their skill development time, and how it impacts your codebase.

Language analytics connected
Cloud and on-premise


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See how CloudHealth doubled engineering productivity

“We could not scale without GitPrime. We just would not have the visibility we need to tell us when we are making a wrong turn.”