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Prepare Higher Ed Students for Today’s Tech-Driven Workforce

Give students the modern technology skills they need to succeed as they enter the workforce. Pluralsight enables higher education institutions with comprehensive solutions and tailored training to supplement students’ primary degree paths with specialized tech skills.

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Build the Future with Enhanced Tech Skills

The workforce is changing rapidly, and so is technology. Prep your institution with the skills they need to solve today’s problems and build tomorrow’s innovations.


Upskill Your IT Departments

Upskill and reskill your IT workforce and improve development processes to meet today’s academic challenges and deliver seamless services to your students and faculty, uplifting your institution to support efficient operations.

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Upskill Students to Prepare Them for the Workforce

Augment and modernize your technology curriculum and programs with the practical skills students want (and need) as they enter the workforce to drive student success.


Tech fluency

Pluralsight empowers every student, regardless of technical background, to become conversant in key technologies and learn to correctly apply tech concepts, enhancing the student experience.

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Upskilling and Reskilling

Pluralsight helps institutions index skills gaps at scale, develop expert talent, and learn by doing so your students can enter the workforce with confidence.


Cloud Transformation

Shorten the time from cloud skill gained to cloud skill applied for every student. Embed on-demand cloud content, hands-on practice, and certification prep into your higher education curriculum for an improved institutional learning experience. offering a suite of learning solutions.

Pluralsight’s AWS certification prep, a micro credential in higher education solutions for cloud transformation.
Pluralsight’s cybersecurity management course path


Organizations develop the best defense by developing their people first. Prepare students—and your own IT teams—with cybersecurity and risk management skills to ensure flawless security and prevent breaches. And empower your staff to meet growing cybersecurity needs as you modernize and meet the pace of digital transformation, collaborating to create secure learning environments.

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See how Pluralsight has helped organizations around the globe advance their technology workforce and achieve their objectives.

Higher Education Institutions that Trust Pluralsight 

Utah Tech University
Miami Dade College
Utah Valley University
Pluralsight + Utah Tech University
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There are students choosing our university specifically because of our relationship with Pluralsight. They’ve told us they appreciate the ability to learn cutting-edge skills on demand.

Christopher Guymon
Utah Tech Assistant Provost

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