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Expand your AWS cloud skills with our constantly-updated AWS learning library. Whether you’re just finding your footing, interested in AWS certification training, or looking to go deep into advanced AWS topics like serverless and machine learning, we’ve got you covered.

Our online courses are led by seasoned cloud pros who bring their own experience to cloud concepts and technologies, combined with engaging delivery and hands-on experiences that help you learn skills faster and retain information better.

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Why learn AWS with ACG?

We believe that people learn best by doing. Our courses aren’t just an endless series of video lessons: they weave hands-on learning throughout, with interactive labs that put you in the cloud driver’s seat in real, live AWS environments. This learn-by-doing approach reinforces concepts, helps you retain information better, and gives you valuable experience building and breaking things in the cloud, so you’re better prepared to bring your new skills to bear in your day-to-day work.

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What would you like to learn? At A Cloud Guru, we’ve got courses for everyone from newcomers to seasoned cloud pros, covering a huge range of AWS topics, from introductory and certification courses to deep dives into the most advanced new features. A Cloud Guru courses combine engaging video lessons with interactive Hands-on Labs that drop you into real world scenarios where you can learn by doing in real AWS environments.

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Get hands-on with AWS labs

When it comes to learning, there’s no substitute for doing. Whether flying a plane, cooking a meal, or building in the cloud, nothing reinforces lessons like hands-on experience. That’s where our AWS Hands-on Labs come in. Drop into real-world scenarios and build your skills in real AWS environments. Work your way through labs as part of a course, or fire them up on demand when you need to learn or refresh a particular skill for a work project. With hundreds of labs covering all different facets of AWS, A Cloud Guru lets you search and learn the exact skills you need, exactly when you need them.

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Follow an AWS Learning Path

AWS is massive. Even if you’ve already got a certification or three under your belt, figuring out where to go and what to learn next can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we created AWS Learning Paths, collections of courses, videos, labs, and more carefully designed by our in-house cloud experts to chart the path to cloud success for you. Just follow your very own AWS yellow brick road to progress from novice to guru in a chosen cloud specialty like architecture, data, security, machine learning, or DevOps.

Test your skills

Test your skills with AWS Practice Exams

Put your knowledge to the test and know when you’re ready to sit your certification exam with our AWS Practice Exams. Designed to mimic actual exam conditions, our Practice Exams let you get accustomed to the types of questions you’ll face, and give you detailed results, so you can flag specific topics for additional review. If you’re renewing a certification that’s expiring, you may want to try starting with a Practice Exam. It’ll help you gauge where your knowledge holds up, and where you may need to refresh your skills or learn some new ones.

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What’s the point of getting an AWS certification? Why should you learn AWS? Get answers to several frequently asked questions below.

What are AWS Certifications?

Per AWS, “validates cloud expertise to help professionals highlight in-demand skills and organizations build effective, innovative teams for cloud initiatives using AWS.”

Okay, but what does that really mean? Put simply, an AWS Certification says that you have a certain level of cloud knowledge and skills, and that you have demonstrated that by passing a certification exam. This makes them a valuable shorthand for cloud professionals, recruiters, and employers.

Are AWS Certifications worth it?

Yes. A certification won’t land you a job on its own, but it will certainly help your chances. As we found in our State of Cloud Learning report, 82% of hiring managers say cloud certifications make a candidate more attractive, and 87% value hands-on experience and cloud certifications more than university degrees when evaluating candidates. Furthermore, 52% of certified individuals say that their certs expanded their career opportunities, and 80% of those identified a higher salary as a direct result of getting their certification. Getting cloud certified has positive benefits for job performance, as well. Certified cloud pros report that their expertise is more sought after, that they’re more productive and faster to troubleshoot problems. They’re also more likely to stay with their employer longer. 

How to get AWS Certified?

How do you get AWS Certified? First, identify the AWS Certification you’re after. There are several, from the foundational AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner to advanced specialty certs in topics including Data Analytics, Security, and Machine Learning. 

Next, prepare for your certification exam. We have courses covering all of the AWS Certifications to help you build the knowledge and skills you’ll need, as well as practice exams to make sure you’re ready. 

Finally, sit for your certification exam. Exams can either be taken in person at testing centers or via online proctoring. Exams cost between $100 and $300 depending on the specific one you’re taking. 

Once you pass your exam, you’re certified! AWS will even provide you with a snazzy tokenized certification that you can post to your LinkedIn profile, ACG account, and other fancy locations.

Why learn AWS?

Hoo boy! How long you got? 

AWS is the largest public cloud provider, and if you’re going to be learning cloud, it’s the natural place to start. 

And if you work in tech, learning cloud is probably a good idea. Cloud adoption has ramped up steadily over the last decade, and most companies are now running at least some number of their workloads on public cloud providers like AWS. 

Cloud is growing so fast that there is a significant talent crunch — there simply aren’t enough skilled cloud professionals to cover the demand. Learning AWS will give you broad appeal among prospective employers.

Who uses AWS?

Everybody uses AWS. AWS has 32% of the total global cloud market, more than its two closest competitors combined. 

And according to the Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report, 87% of organizations are using AWS in at least some capacity. 

Many of the world’s largest and most well-known companies use AWS, including Netflix, Disney, General Electric, BMW, Samsung, Reddit, Sony, and Capital One, to name but a few.

What’s new with AWS?

Keep up with AWS. The ACG blog is a great place to read up on the new and notable, go deep on nuanced topics, and get tips and insights from leading AWS experts.

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