Skill assessment

Learn what you don’t know. Prove what you do.

Benchmark your team’s tech skills, identify knowledge gaps and strengths, or find out where you stand yourself. Then get tailored learning recommendations to help you level up.

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This is not a test

This is the future of skill development. Quantify your expertise. Advance toward mastery. Celebrate your progress. Skill IQ doesn’t just give you a score, it establishes where you stand on that skill’s learning path, then gives you a clear trajectory to the proficiency you need.

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How it works

How to take a skill assessment and get your Skill IQ

Create a free account
Take skill assessments for a test drive, no strings attached. (We won’t even be pestering you from the passenger seat.) All you’ll need is your email address.

Take assessment
See where your skills stand. Our assessments are adaptive, adjusting the difficulty as you go. The assessment should take you about 10 minutes.

Receive Skill IQ
Get your Skill IQ following your assessment. Skill IQ measures your proficiency compared to your peers who have taken the same assessment. As a bonus, get free access to 50 courses to kick-start your skill development.

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Open Quote

Pluralsight allows us to not only use Skill IQ to see if someone’s really great at something, or perhaps needs some help, but also provides courses and paths so we can make sure we’re standardizing across teams and across the company.”

Sarah Waters
Workforce Strategy and People Transformation Lead, BT Digital

get certified

Prepare to become certifiably awesome

Certifications are the ultimate proof of your tech skill expertise, and we’ll help you guarantee you’re ready. Manage your learning toward specific certifications, use hands-on learning to put your skills to practice, and schedule your certifications. All right here.

Build a custom path

Need to tailor your team’s learning to your org’s strategy? We’ve got an app for that. Create a custom learning path for your learners right here. And leverage analytics to identify your learners’ successes and discover where your team excels.

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identify knowledge gaps

Identify your knowledge gaps

Find out where knowledge gaps exist on your team and get everyone upskilling on their own tailored learning path so you can execute on your tech initiatives. Or close your individual knowledge gaps to make more impact on your team or launch forward in your career.