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AWS Operations

  • Number of Courses7 courses
  • Duration14 hours
  • Skill IQ available Skill IQ

This path is a deep dive into different deployments on AWS and how to carry them out. You’ll learn about deployment applications and infrastructure. You’ll learn how to monitor and automate your deployments, and you’ll also learn how to use a technique called Blue - Green Deployment which is running two identical production environments.

Courses in this path


In this section you’ll learn how to use the Command Line Interface or CLI. This is a tool that allows you to perform many operations without having to click through the AWS console online. You’ll also learn how to deploy your first application.


In this section you’ll learn how you can use AWS tools for devops. You’ll also learn how to design and then implement infrastructure deployments. Finally, you’ll learn about the tools that allow you to monitor how your deployments are running.


In this section you’ll learn about Blue - Green Deployments which is a technique for running two identical production environments cutting down on time to integration.

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