Advanced analytics


Feel confident your teams can deliver on your business’ most critical objectives with a suite of advanced analytics. These are the insights you need to lead.


Uncover brilliance within your organization

With advanced skills analytics, you can see the strengths, weaknesses and progress of your teams with unmatched clarity. Individual and topic-level insights help you discover hidden talent and put the right people on the right projects. And with skill progress, you can see how your teams’ skills are improving over time to ensure you’re on track to reach your goals.


Build better teams

Organize your workforce in the best way to solve your most-pressing challenges. Advanced roles analytics show you if team members have the skills they need to succeed at their jobs with insights into individual role levels and skill proficiencies.


Follow your team’s progress toward strategic initiatives

Help your teams stay on track toward your most important objectives with advanced channels analytics. Understand how close (or far) team members are from reaching their goals by viewing engagement by individual, overall channel completion percentages and completion percentages for individual courses and modules.

See your team like never before

Transform your
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Benchmark skills across your organization with skill assessments

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See if you have the right people on the projects with Role IQ

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Upskill your teams in critical areas like DevOps, machine learning, cloud, security, infrastructure and more

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