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No matter where you are in your career, you’ve likely heard the hype about Terraform, the “infrastructure as code” tool created by HashiCorp. This open-source software has been helping teams manage cloud services for years, becoming the automation tool of choice for many teams. Want to learn more and make the most of Terraform? A Cloud Guru has just the right Terraform tutorials, courses, and hands-on learning tools to take on Terraform for AWS, Azure, GCP and other needs.

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Why get Terraform training with A Cloud Guru?

When it comes to Terraform, the team at A Cloud Guru believes people learn best by doing. Sure, you can start with Terraform tutorials and engaging video lessons, but from there, A Cloud Guru allows you to go hands-on with interactive, live-environment labs and certification preparation you won’t find anywhere else.

Why? Well, taking a learn-by-doing approach allows you to start with beginner Terraform skills, retain important information better as you progress, and gain valuable experience building (or automating) cloud applications relevant to real-world scenarios. Don’t just stare at a screen — start incorporating Terraform into your day-to-day work right away.

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Need to ace an upcoming Terraform associate certification? Work with Terraform for Kubernetes? Deploy Lambda using Terraform for your company? It all starts with the courses, videos, and Hands-on Lab practice you’ll find on A Cloud Guru — each designed to put you on the right learning path no matter what your experience level is. You could be a HashiCorp certified Terraform associate in no time! Browse the available courses now and see for yourself.

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Try Hands-on Labs for Terraform

Anyone can press play on an instructional video, but how will you get the practical experience you need to create Terraform modules or take on the Terraform modules built into the language? This is exactly what A Cloud Guru developed Hands-on Labs for. As you might have guessed, these give you real, hands-on experience with the topics you’ll need to learn Terraform. Use them in-line with course training to reinforce lessons, or access them anytime as your go-to for development on the job. The breadth and depth of Hands-on Labs allows you and your teams to take on the exact skills needed exactly when you need them.

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Get answers to frequently asked questions about Terraform learning below.


What is Terraform?

Terraform is an open-source software developed by HashiCorp that’s utilized as an “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) tool. When companies and cloud services need to update and maintain their vast infrastructure, IaC tools allow them to do so safely and efficiently rather than working with each machine manually. Over the past few years, Terraform has emerged as one of the most well-known tools for IaC needs, making Terraform training, skills, and certifications more in demand than ever.

How do I learn Terraform?

Terraform’s open-source software may be easy to find and access online, but getting the most out of its utility for IT teams and unique, scalable solutions may require expert guidance — part of the reason official Terraform certifications exist and are sometimes required to pursue certain jobs. We suggest choosing a learning path that starts with the basics for your needs, gives you hands-on experience with real-world applications of Terraform, and/or prepares you for official certifications needed for your infrastructure or specific requirements from a prospective employer. A Cloud Guru offers the courses, Hands-on Labs, and certification prep needed along with a 7-day free trial to help you get started.

Terraform vs Ansible: What are the differences?

While both of these are open-source softwares and considered “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) tools, certain teams or organizations may have a preference between Terraform and Ansible. Generally, you’ll see Terraform recommended for from-scratch infrastructure setups related to cloud services, while Ansible can be preferred for ongoing automation and updates to existing infrastructure. For more in-depth information about specific uses for each of these tools, try out courses from A Cloud Guru or look into the information provided by each software’s developer.

Terraform vs CloudFormation: What are the differences?

Talk to most DevOps professionals, and you’ll find Terraform and AWS CloudFormation are two tools that are bound to come up. Both are “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) tools that IT teams swear by for cloud infrastructure management. CloudFormation is managed by AWS, and therefore stretches across the services AWS offers. Terraform, however can work with cloud environments across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others. In terms of starting out and ease-of-use, CloudFormation is based in the widely-used JSON and YAML languages, whereas Terraform is used in HCL (which stands for Hashicorp Configuration Language), developed by Terraform creator HashiCorp.

Each has strengths and weaknesses based on the specific needs of your cloud infrastructure, so consider your short- and long-term cloud infrastructure or cloud learning goals when comparing which of these two softwares is best to learn.

Terraform vs Kubernetes: What are the differences?

Rather than choose one over the other, many organizations can actually use Terraform and Kubernetes together for their cloud infrastructure needs. That’s because while Terraform is an open-source “Infrastructure as Code” (IaC) that helps organizations spin up and maintain infrastructure, Kubernetes is a popular, open-source orchestration system working to do things like schedule or manage workloads for efficiency. Put simply, Terraform can help manage Kubernetes, which can help manage resources within your infrastructure efficiently and effectively. Of course, for more in-depth knowledge on both Terraform and Kubernetes and how they might work with your skill learning or infrastructure needs, look to the developers and foundations that maintain these systems, or try jumping into courses related to everything from the basics through advanced uses of them on A Cloud Guru.

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